In a few words, what we ask to our visitors to simply maintain to others the same kindness and bevahiour they would want others to have themselves.

While we do not require ettiquete in dressing, we suggest our visitors to maintain a minnimum of care and elegance in wearing clothes, keeping in mind that it is important to be attractive to others. As you shall need to get nude during the night, it is also important to choose sexy, nice lingerie.

Sometimes we ask our visitors to wear some sort of costumes or arranged clothes, according to party themes. While these special clothing rules are not usually mandatory, following them will help everybody to create a funny and evocative atmosphere.

Lover's House is a swinger club. This means that people will use to have behaviour slightly different to that you will find in a traditional pub. You should not be surprised to see that members get rather intimate and lusty.

Some people will get into erothic games, and you should no be impressed to see people having sex.

Close contacts and some petting between stranges will be usual, and you should not consider rude or lack or respect if someone starts some seduction games with you.

Of course none of that means that you should feel forced to do or accept something you do not want to. The most important rule in the club is than NO means always NO, and everyone must stop everything if receiving negative answers.

As different people could have different interests and desires when coming to our place, it is very important to be very clear about our wishes and wantings, so everybody can have fun and no one get deceived or feels forced to do what does not want to. It is mandatory to show respect and deference to everybody likes and desires.

We expect from our visitors to make a rational usage of our facilities, specially in large afluence days. It is important to share limited spaces to let everyone enjoy our club.

If you have sex with other than your mates, using prophylactics (condoms or similars) is mandatory. People not maintaining a correct ETS prevention behaviour will be forced to abandon our club. For your needs, we have many free condom dispensers at hand, and we beg you to release them in the available bins after used.

Smoking is not allowed inside the club and those who want to smoke will have to use the smoking terrace area.

While you can have as many drinks as you want, we would like to remind you that alcohol is not a good companion to sex and fun, and we expect all our visitors to be careful and responsible with alcohol consumption.

Drugs are fully forbidden in our club, and we will not accept entrance to people suspected to be under drugs effects.

It's also forbidden to use audio, video or photo recording devices while in our club, as privacy of our visitors is sacred. Practice of prostitution in our place is also forbidden.

Lover's House is a private club, and entering our site implies full acceptance and will to follow all these rules, that are created with unique intention to assure comfort and enjoyment of our members. People breaking these rules will be invited to abandon our club, and future entrance cound be refused to those.



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